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Ways We Help

In our community and around the globe

Jesus challenged His followers to reach out with God's love and minister to those in Judea, in Samaria, and in the outermost parts of the earth. So our goal is to serve people, whether the need is within our church, our community or the world.

For those within our church and community we offer resources to help with a variety of life circumstances. These seminars and support groups apply biblical principles and are safe places to bring your hurt or difficulty - where you can begin the process of healing and find hope and joy for the future.

With our Community Service Projects we help organizations in our area that provide needed services. Painting, repairing, cleaning - we enjoy these opportunities to work together as a church family and help these organizations that serve the people of our community.

Our work in Haiti focuses on bringing training in sound leadership principles to the leaders of Haiti's churches, businesses and government, as they struggle to bring real solutions to their country's desperate needs.